Time to Bid you Adieu NITJSR

Capture1With barely a week to go, it feels quite nostalgic to write about the four years of dream run at NITJSR. Before joining this college, my father used to say, “Beta, No knowledge without College.” I find this line quite in consonance with whatever I learnt in four years of my college life.So, I am delighted to start this blog as a tribute to apna college NIT Jamshedpur.

It all started on first of August 2011, when I entered this college as a fledgling, who was no more than a novice in this new world, slowly transformed into a sophomore and now ready to graduate from this institute. To be honest, I have also become quite forgetful in these four years. But, there are facts and events you can’t forget ever.

Whether it was the extreme excitement for 1st semester result or your first job, whether it was about your first crush or the first sip of beer with your best friends, whether it was about bunking the classes or going for the night parties, the college life is full of these freaking, melodramatic, puerile, and enigmatic memories, the relevance of which we realise today in our life. And, today I am confident that we all can proclaim that, this college has developed a strong foundation of burning desire of finding the purpose of life. Today, we might be planning to conquer the new world, it’s only because this institute has taught us the true meaning of grit or perseverance.

The best part about NITJSR is that it imparts a sense of self-confidence in every student that even after the last moment study before exams, you can perform beyond your own and others expectations. Also, the elusive chase for CGPA has no relevance to your campus placements. And on the lighter note, a sense of certitude that you can still find a girl even after being a mechanical engineer, as this branch keeps you deprived of any interaction with girls throughout your four years of study. So, most of the guys manage on their own then.

The story is not over yet, the cut throat competition experienced in placement season is one of the best takeaways for final year guys from here. Every placement brings with itself pain and happiness. A kick on the ass, is the indispensable act here because it makes you realise that you are really placed, to make that unbelievable moment believable one, by experiencing that pain. Belts have their own story, I know you might have remembered that moment of yours, it feels as if you have been awarded a punishment of public flogging. Then appears facebook post, with tags of all your friends especially your room partners of first, second and third year, acknowledging their support and guidance for your achievement. And hundreds of likes and comments follow that post thereafter.

After placement an assiduous effort to figure out a new hobby is something remarkable, even I found some of my new hobbies. Then a target oriented approach to finish the best IMDB rated TV series follows, with a hard disk full of Hollywood movies. Full night gaming to daily cricket with branch mates, there are many similar untold stories which are inside our heart to be told sometimes in future.

Life at NITJSR is amazing. College fests i.e. Ojass and utkarsh were a stage for us to showcase our talent. The alacrity shown by students towards these events and fervour and enthusiasm experienced by becoming a part of organising committee is something beyond explanation. The DJ night, movie and bonfire night and rock band performance were some high voltage moments as it was accompanied with some out of tune dances by us.

We all have our own lessons learnt from here. Holidays and free time will be missed a lot, especially the negligible burden of academics on final year guys is something unique about this institute. Places like Shyam da canteen, sudha point, NIT store, ATM, BBC, VSG, TSG  and for some guys PMG(the ultimate destination) will not be there for us to spend some quality time with our friends. Profs and their lectures, which were difficult to decode sometimes and daring proxies in class attendance will no more be there. A race against time to catch the NIT bus just before its departure to apna market bistupur is not going to come again in our life. And at last,the passion of watching world cup and IPL with friends in common room with a consistent cheers and appraisals for our favourite team will become a distant dream.But, finally it’s time we need to move to a new destination in this journey of life. So, I would like to end this blog with a quote

With memories in mind and dreams in heart, with a gift of some lifetime friends, with a feeling of fledgling just ready to fly in the new world and with a pang of separation, it’s time to BID YOU ADIEU NIT JAMSHEDPUR.

About Ravi Shankar

PGDM, IIM Bangalore, Class of 2017
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