ISIS : Facts you should Know!!


Frankestein’s Monster – the best way to describe the birth of ISIS ( Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). In Mark Shelly’s 1818 novel-Frankenstein , Doctor Victor Frankenstein creates a monster from the pieces of dead bodies but later the monster turns against him and the monster gets its name- the frankenstein’s monster. In the case of ISIS, US and its allies have played the role of Dr. Victor Frankenstein during the gestation period of this monster. Let’ see what was the real collusion between the west and the jihadist forces in the middle east which helped ISIS in prospering.

Main causes

  1. United States invasion of Iraq in 2003

The violence caused by US forces radicalised the local population and establishing a shia government in Iraq after the ouster of Saddam Hussein and the human rights abuses caused by this government provided the much-needed thrust to Sunni militants in the form of ISIS.

  1. United states support to rebels in Syria

US and its allies backed the insurrection against Syrian Government under Bashar-al-Ashad. This helped ISIS in gaining the military experience and the weapons which were provided by west to these jihadist forces ended up in the hands of ISIS.

  1. Turkey a NATO member supported ISIS

According to Washington post, NATO member Turkey “rolled out the red carpet” to Islamic State and other jihadists fighting the Syrian Government. Given the strategic location of Turkey it helped in pouring the jihadist forces willing to join ISIS.

Also, In a report by Newyork Times about Islamic State leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi it’s said that, “At every turn , Mr. Baghdadi’s rise has been shaped by the United States’s involvement in Iraq.”


ISIS militants are ideologically driven terrorists with a definite aim of-

  • Establishing a Global Caliphate ; as they have declared Cleric Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi as their caliph.
  • To enforce Sharia laws in all the areas they control.

ISIS terrorists are quite Sadist and Tyrannical

article-2737344-20E348D700000578-665_634x381The latest video showing the burning alive of captured Jordanian pilot in a cage is yet another act of brazenness by ISIS terrorists, such incidents are quite despicable which are shaping a new public opinion against ISIS terrorists in the arab world. Public flogging , Amputations , Mass executions are quite common in Islamic State. Also, beheading of the hostages like Kenji Goto (a Japanese) , journalists and people from other nationalities have made ISIS one of the most abominable terrorist groups ever. According to UN report in oct. 2014 around 24,000 people have been killed since the rise of ISIS.

The ideologically driven fighters returning from ISIS after their service in Iraq and Syria can cause holocaust in their own countries as we have seen in the recent killings of Charlie Hebdo’s cartoonists in France.

ISIS’s Strength

iraq-syria-map-isis-cnnAccording to Syrian experts today ISIS controls an area in Iraq and Syria equivalent to the area of Britain.

Nationalities from more than 80 countries are fighting for ISIS and are hell-bent to usurp the power in regions contiguous to Iraq and Syria. As per Kurdish leaders the strength of ISIS fighters in the region is around 2,00,000 whereas CIA reports suggest this number around 31,500. These numbers may not be in consonance but are enough to suggest that ISIS is a mind-boggling problem for west and without a meticulous planning it is insuperable. Also, around 6 million people are living under the rule of ISIS today.

The Real Strength–Islamic state radicals gain more than $3 million per day just from oil sales, while also earning huge money from human trafficking and extortion, as reported by US intelligence. So, they are wealthier than any terror groups in history.

How to tackle??

9_2014-10-14 (1)Fighting a terrorist group like ISIS having their Kalashnikovs needs a well-coordinated strategy by forces of different nations. Some of the major recommendations as per Brookings Doha center analysis paper are-

  • Target the road transport infrastructure used to truck the oil to customers. Expand and intensify existing international sanctions.
  • Focus on targeting IS’s ground mobility capabilities, particularly fleets of captured trucks and armoured vehicles.
  • Continue the aggressive countering of IS’s online presence and challenge the organization’s religio-political doctrine.
  • In Syria, remove the binary image of opposition versus government and replace it with a more inclusive and broad focus on maintaining Syrian territorial integrity and social unity.
  • In Iraq, build upon political progress already underway in Baghdad and initiate an integration of Sunni actors, including those involved in armed activities, into the national fold.

India’s concern

140826-isis-jms-1546_fc6f8bd56836968b458248972171386cAs, both Alqaeda and ISIS have urged youth from countries like India to join their outfits. So, India needs to keep itself on toe to counter any sort of radicalisation. Communalism and enmity towards other religions may aggravate the situation and can become a cause for motivation to join these terrorist outfits.

So, at last I would like to conclude by saying that ISIS was once an ember which was rekindled by US and now it has taken the shape of bonfire, and if not dealt properly can metamorphose itself into a blazing Inferno , whose flames apart from destroying middle east can cause a severe burn on the soul of other countries from continents like Asia, Europe, Africa, America etc.

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2 Responses to ISIS : Facts you should Know!!

  1. mkmnitjsr says: spared Saudi Arabia, which is even playing with the US too. To curb the USSR influence in Afghanistan in the 1980s, the US with the help of saudi arabia, planted the nursery of islamic militancy, which has been haunting the world since then. There are several accusations against fundamentalist sunni dominated Saudi that it covertly supports anti shia terrorist organisations . Apart from so many accusations of saudi having connived with al Qaeda, including the fact that 15 of the 19 hijackers of 9/11 incident were from there, the recent revelation of a former al Qaeda operative, who is imprisoned in the US, that members of saudi’s royal family were the major donors to the organisation, is highly disturbing.

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    • rravishankar says:

      Thanks for mentioning this!!! Since you have been the consistent reader of my blogs, so i would like to say something , you don’t need a 1000 okay readers but 1 or 10 awesome and honest ones are enough to compensate for 100 average ones, and you all are my honest and awesome readers who are supporting me throughout and improving me. Thanks bhai log!!!


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